Ain’t No Nigger Geniuses

Ain’t No Nigger Geniuses 

16,513 of the creme de la creme of American women niggers, after a multi-TRILLION dollar "investment" in educating niggers, took the Graduate Record Exam and proved once and for all that:

Niggers are uneducable.

The multi-trillion dollar investment was a COMPLETE waste.

Rather than improving education for anyone, it destroyed educational opportunities for Whites.

Rather than improving lives of blacks, it contributed to the almost complete destruction of black families.

I know, I know–a standardized verbal and quantitative test is not an iq test. I know that you get 200 points just for signing your name, so the test is already skewed right off the bat. I know that there are many noise level questions which even kindergartners can answer, which adds another 100 points. I know that many of the questions are multiple choice which means that a person who knows utterly nothing about the subject could get as many as 150 points just by guessing. So I DO recognize that a score of 450 is what a person who knows how to take tests, but knows NOTHING about the subject of the test, might "achieve".

But nigger women scored lower than this on GRE Verbal, at 404. And nigger women scored lower than this on GRE Analytical, at 421. And nigger women scored MUCH lower than this on GRE quantitative, at 388.

AH, but, you say, there are SOME nigger geniuses. After all, George Washington Carver only a century ago got four patents for peanutbutter, and look at Congolese Rice and Colon Piles. They’re geniuses.

Maybe so. Maybe they didn’t take GRE. Maybe nigger geniuses are so smart they manage to get into graduate school without even bothering with the Graduate Record Exam [or afirmative action mandates they not be required to take it].

The creme de la creme of of niggerhood, 16,513 nigger women did so well in undergraduate school that they were permitted to take the GRE.

But NOT A ONE of them scored 800 on EITHER of these three parts of the GRE!

Does this make them geniuses? Not exactly. Only 25 scored higher than 654 in GRE Verbal, only 25 scored higher than 716 in GRE Quantitative and only 25 of them scored higher than 746 on GRE Analytical.

With NONE of them scoring 800 on ANY of these three portions of the test, NONE of these 16,513 nigger women could possibly be considered to be geniuses, could they?

So the crowning achievement of our multi-trillion dollar experiment to educate niggers, of the creme de la creme of 16,513 nigger women, less than 250 of them scored as high as the AVERGE Asian man on GRE Quantitative at 638, less than 500 of them scored as high as the AVERAGE White man on GRE Verbal at 512, and 84% of them scored LOWER than the AVERAGE Mexican male in GRE Analytical at 514.

Is it still possible that there nigger geniuses hidden in this number, enough niggers to fill up the average US town?  Is there a pony in all this bs?


  1. 600 of all students (209 of whom were White women) scored 800 in GRE Verbal
  2. 6,109 of all students (510 of whom were Asian men) scored 800 in GRE Quantitative
  3. 6,309 of all students (4,955 of whom were White students) scored 800 in GRE Analytical

Would it be fair to say that a "genius" might be one of the above 6,309 students who may have scored 800 on all three portions of this test?  Sure.  Or you might say that all 6,309 are "geniuses" in their particular area of expertise.

Either way you define it, how many of the above geniuses were niggers?  NONE.

Let’s not kid ourselves. According to the world’s BEST standards of measurement, even with all the fudging and fiddling and dumbing down of our students and mind-numbing expenditures, ALL of these tests have proven time and time again, for decades now, that NO American nigger woman came even CLOSE to being classified as LITERATE, much less a "genius".

If there’s even one nigger woman who scored higher than all the rest of the niggers who took GRE in all three sections, the real creme de la creme of American niggerhood, her quantitative skills are lower than the AVERAGE Asian man, her verbal skills are lower than the AVERAGE White man, and her analytical skills are only slightly higher than your Mexican gardener, hardly a candidate for a Ph.D, an M.D.–or gardnerhood.


The math:

One standard deviation = 68.3%, or 15.85% above 1 sd

Two standard deviations = 95.4%, or 2.3% above 2 sd

Three Standard deviations = 99.7%, or 0.15% above 3 sd

Four standard deviations = 99.99366%, or 0.00317% above 4 sd

five standard deviations = 99.99994%, or 0.00004% above 5 sd

GRE scores of nigger women

Verbal = 388 s/d of 88, 2,617 scored above 478, 380 scored above 566, 25 scored above 654, 1/2 (read: NONE) scored above 742, 0.007 [read: NONE] scored 800

Quantitative = 404 s/d of 104, 2,617 scored above 508, 380 scored above 612, 25 scored above 716, NONE scored 800

Analytical = 421 sd of 109, 2,617 scored above 530, 380 scored above 639, 25 scored above 746, NONE scored 800