Keith Olbermann Rips Rush Limbaugh Over Occupy Wall Street (VIDEO)

You’re probably right about that. Do you know if this has been proven?

Why is it ok for Jews like Rush to insult Whites, but it’s not ok for a person (a Black woman teacher to boot) to simply state the truth about who controls the Federal Reserve and how many times Jews have been run out of countries for such practices? Why is it ok for Jews to claim that Wasps control Wall Street, but you can get FIRED for saying that Jews control Wall Street? Does everyone on this forum really support such a double standard? What do you think THAT means for YOUR right to free political speech which our Founding Fathers spilt BLOOD to protect? Isn’t it self-evide­nt that if you agree with the LAUSD to restrict her right to free speech, that YOU are NEXT?
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Patricia McAllister, LAUSD Teacher, Fired After Airing Anti-Semitic Views

It IS the governemen­t which fired her. Their excuse was she has no right to political free speech. And they did so with full knowledge that our Founding Fathers spilt BLOOD to protect precisely this free political speech. And Kamau Kambon, who called for the KILLING of Whites, didn’t even get a tap on the shoulder from this same government­.

Is this double standard BY GOVERNMENT acceptable to you? Would you like to know WHO will be NEXT to be censored by government­?
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