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Trading Date: Monday, Jul 1, 2013
Company: Biostem U.S. Corporation
Ticker Symbol: HA_IR
Closed Price: $.24
Target: 0.85
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Trading Date: Monday, July 1st, 2013
Name: Biostem
Ticker: H AIR
Buy at: $.24
8-Day Target: $1.55
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Trading Date: Monday, July 1
Company Name: Biostem Corporation
Stock: H A_IR
Last Trade: $0.24
Target Price: $0.80
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Trading Date: Jun, 27
Company Name: Biostem US Corp
Stock: HA IR
Price: 0.23
Long Term Target Price: $1.35
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Biostem US Corporation normally the one to view. Hair restoration market media coverage keep an eye on the growth of all of the tpdays applications offered to people who have hair loss. In the latest Internet survey, the current opinion of such sites would be that BIOSTEM Method application provides the ultimate non surgical treatment! This coupled with H_A I_R interview been watched 227.000 seven days. So we forecast 3 mill viewings the week after. This will push H_A I_R to high buying from the very near week. This is the Most Important global market. Place H_A I_R on the list Quickly!