Winner winner chicken dinner

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Trading Date: Thu, Aug 1
Tick: H_AI R
Long Term Target Price: 1.50
Closed Price: $.035
Company Name: Biostem US Corporation
Added to Watchlist! This company is “One to Watch”.

It came back and is looking at a strong close

A Very Bullish Situation for Tomorrow! This Stock explodes for Gains!!!
Traded as: HA IR
Date: July, 31st
Market: .0311
Long Term Target: 1.50
Company Name: Biostem Corporation
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Stock: H_A_I R
Per share price: 0.0311
Trade Date: Jul, 31
Long Term Target: 1.50
Company: Biostem Corporation
Big Gains! This Stock is set to soar!


It closed green today! Setting the stage for new record highs.
Long Term Target: .60
Stock: H_A_I R
Name: Biostem U.S. Corporation
Current Price: .0311
Date: July 31
Gain already today on massive volume; can we go Higher? Read ASAP!

This is Exactly Why This Stock Could Double

This stock could be big bounce play, here is why. Pre-Open Stock Watch Big News!
Trading Date: Jul 31
Company: Biostem US
Short Term Target: $.95
Sym: H_A I R
It is now: $0.035
Huge play for next week! Major Report.

High Alert… This May Be A Huge Week Again

Sub-Penny Play in sought after sector coming Tonight! Momentum is Back!
Short Term Target: $1.35
At this time: 0.038
Trading Date: Tue, Jul 30th
Traded as: HA_I_R
Company: Biostem Corp.
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Today`s SUBPENNY Mid-day UPDATE! Set for a Major run today!
Name: Biostem US
Short Term Target: 0.50
At this time: 0.038
Sym: H AI R
Date: July 30th
Major Gains are Ahead when they Cover!!! Looks like we could see a bounce.

I Still Love It

More Momentum Coming. 10 For 10!!!
Date: Tue, July 30
Company Name: Biostem US
Ticker: H A I R
Current price: 0.038
Short Term Target: $1.35
New Change New! The PR this morning is part of an effort!

On a Momentum Wave!

This Company Is our WILD Low Float Sub-Penny Alert! Mid Day Bouncer Alert!
Current price: $.035
Tick: H AI R
Short Term Target: .70
Company: Biostem US Corporation
Date: Jul, 29
MOMO Is HERE! This Stock Closes At Its High Of Day!