My name is Mr. Datuk Azizan and I work with a Commercial Bnk here in Msia. We had a customer and deal tycoon who had a
3,500,000.00 (Three Million ,500 thousand Pound Sterlings GBP) before he lost his life in a Car crash with his wife and only Child
about 9years now (January 30,2001) and since he lost, we in the Bnk here have been expecting his/her relative(s) for the inheritance of the 3,500,000.00, but none has surfaced.

The policy of the Bnk however stipulates a limited time period for such inheritance to be made or the 3,500,000.00 will be written
off going by the record of the incident, the time limit for identifying is closing up Soon for the relatives to show up or
the acct will be closed and i came to have the knowledge of this as the auditor in the bnk.

I happen to come across this file when i was going through the records. We can get this inheritance for our benefit in view of the fact that you are not from Msia .

If you can stand as the relative in this project success is assured because I assure you that there will be no problem that may arise as a result of this.

This deal will last only about 3-7 days if you will follow my instruction.

The Share will 60% for me and 40% for you.

Get back to me for us to proceed

Mr. Datuk Azizan.