I wish that all the scum-bags would agree to send all of the white people back where they belong, like the head of the class, at the helm and in charge of the civilized world.

And let us not forget at the driving end of a whip, you know, where we belong and where we can do so much good for the benefit of the civilized world that we created.


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<<<That’s okay but I can send the white folks back where they belong too?>>>

Give it a shot.

John Knight

ps–it was only out of misguided Christian charity that our WHITE Founding Fathers didn’t totally exterminate your half nigger savage ancestors when they were cutting the legs of White settlers, impaling their torsos on carts, and rolling them around the teepee so they could be tortured to death. Your class can’t even run bingo parlors without help from the jews, much less organize an exodus of niggers like WE CAN.

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That’s okay but I can send the white folks back where they belong too?