For the most part, I agree with this missive.

Because it is so on target in so many key areas, I need to correct some glaring errors:

“He [Ron Paul] has run for president collecting large amounts of money and then simply dropping out of the race. “

We need to be careful here. Ron Paul never dropped out of any race. Just because the jewsmedia SAYS he did does not mean that he did or that we should believe the jewsmedia rather than what Ron Paul says directly.

“He has now stated that Israel is a friend of America.”

This of course is a LIE. Israel is our worst nightmare.

And while I can’t prove it, I believe Ron Paul knows this.

He’s already maligned and marginalized in the jewsmedia, and if he were to speak his heart tonight regarding his real opinion of Israel, he would be dead tomorrow.

We need him to be alive tomorrow.


John Knight

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