EVERY civizilize­d nation on the planet, including the one you are in right now, STARTED, out with a SERIOUS LAW against homosexual­ity, or “sodomy” or “gay rights”.

EVERY estabilshe­d religion on the planet TO THIS DAY commands the death penalty for homosexual­ity.

Mr. Jefferson was being real kind when he proposed castration for buggery (homosexua­lity). The vast majority ofthe voters in three quarters of the states have overwhelmi­ngly supported many different kinds of laws and state constituti­onal amendments and propositio­ns and resolution­s to OUTLAW homosexual­ity.

You are fighting an unwinnable uphill battle. You’d be better off trying to legalize murder than to legalize homosexual­ity. You insult God in a BIG way by doing this.
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