In 1959, when the US had the best education system the world had ever known, we spent $375 per student per year on average in the US, and $431 in Washington­, DC. Now, Washington­, DC, spends $24,500 per student (an increase of FIFTY SIX TIMES), Blacks in DC are the lowest scoring in the WORLD, not just the COUNTRY, and we just ranked dead last in 17 of 34 TIMSS subjects.

To say that this additional education spending was wasted is a gross understate­ment. Of course you say that inflation played a major role in this, but it’s also true that increasing the cost of public education from 3% to 12% of GDP also played a major role in inflation.

Many other federal expenditur­es experience­d the same kind of explosive growth. But just tackling this ONE expenditur­e is ALL itwould take to COMPLETELY balance the federal budget with NO other cut and no other tax increase.
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