<<<According to this analysis, the common ancestor lived between the Exodus (approx. 1000 B.C.E) and the destruction of the first Temple (586 B.C.E.), consistent with the biblical account. Similar results were obtained based on analysis of either Sephardi or Ashkenzi communities, confirming the ancestral link of the two communities which had been separated for more than 500 years. >>>


The only problem is that SCRIPTURE proves that this common ancestor is Esau, not Jacob, who is OUR ancestor, not the ancestor of the jews:

Was not Esau Jacob’s brother? says the LORD: yet I loved Jacob, but hated Esau; I made his mountains a waste, his heritage a desert for jackals, Malachai 1:3

As it is written: “I loved Jacob but hated Esau,” Romans 9:13

The 1980 Jewish Almanac’s first chapter entitled “Identity Crisis,” begins with the following admission: “Strictly speaking, it is incorrect to call an ancient Israelite a ‘Jew’ or to call a contemporary Jew an ‘Israelite’ or a ‘Hebrew'”

Edom is in modern Jewry” The Jewish Encyclopedia, 1925 edition, Vol. 5, Page 41

“The Edomites were conquered by John Hyrcanus who forcibly converted them to Judaism, and from then on they constituted a part of the Jewish people, Herod being one of their descendants”, The Standard Jewish Encyclopedia, (Garden City, NY: Doubleday & Company, Inc., 1966), pg. 594, AS WELL AS in the The New Standard Jewish Encyclopedia (Garden City, NY: Doubleday & Company, Inc., 1977) p. 589

“From this time the Idumeans [read: Edomites] became an inseparable part of the Jewish people”, Encyclopedia Judaica Jerusalem, in Volume 8, page 1147

“When, years before, John Hyrcanus had forced Judaism on the Idumeans [Edomites] he evidently conjectured that the new, though unwilling, converts could learn to identify their own destiny with that of his people”, The Jews, their History, Culture, and Religion, pg. 121

But there is a final twist declared in Encyclopedia Judaica 1971 Vol 10:23: “JEWS BEGAN IN THE 19TH CENTURY TO CALL THEMSELVES HEBREWS AND ISRAELITES IN 1860”.

… this would mean that their ancestors came not from the Jordan but from the Volga; not from Canaan but from the Caucasus, once believed to be the cradle of the Aryan race; and that GENETICALLY THEY ARE MORE RELATED TO THE HUN, UIGUR, AND MAGYAR TRIBES THAN TO THE SEED OF ABRAHAM, ISAAC, AND JACOB…, Prof. A. N. Poliak, Tel Aviv University



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