<<< As you and Mac said liberals (I used to consider myself one) can’t deal with reality and their minds shut off when presented with real facts.>>>

The days that liberals can think are long, long gone. All they can do today is pass on jew slogans like Algae does. He’s a better spokesman for Zionism (the most RACIST “social construct” ever) than a jew. He might just as well unite against entropy );


John Knight

Ps—if jews REALLY “think” they’re not a race, then what gets them so upset about the subject heading “jews are not White!” that they keep trying to change it, usually to the most vile and disruptive headings they could ever think of? They managed to turn this discussion about the “whiteness” of the half-niggers calling themselves “jews” into an advertisement for sodomites. How come? Because they know they ARE a race, but are not of the White Race? Because they know they’re not even our third cousins 8 times removed? Because it challenges their ill-perceived superiority complex?


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Subject: Re: jews are not White!

Algae (as usual) shot his own foot off because if as he says – there is no race – then there can be no racism and by extension – no anti-semitism.

SO then the naacp is my organization too and so is laraza.

As you and Mac said liberals (I used to consider myself one) can’t deal with reality and their minds shut off when presented with real facts.

I have a friend of many years who repeats the old stuff about guns, (wants to eliminate them but not from the criminals because those criminals only exist in MY mind) rails against "white supremacists" (although he’s never met any) and totally cannot discuss any of the details of what racism is – it just boggles his mind so he won’t talk at all.

Like the cartoon I’ve sent – show Bozo Bananabama walking on the water – and being held up by white liberals because of their guilt over slavery – they just can’t deal with fbi statistics on black and hispanic crime and costs.

Another person I know brings up Rosa Parks everytime the race issue comes up. When I talked about the wichita murders of 7 people by a bunch of black thugs – he came back to the gross indignity of rosa parks being foreced to ride in the back of the bus.

This is so stupid – those two don’t compare – if she were still in africa – she’d be lucky to be on the back of a donkey.

So when algae talks about white oppression as he does endlessly – he’s talking about people of the same race oppressing others of the same race – and that’s not racism.

And of course the jews want it both ways – there is no such thing as race but we are racists. They say they are a people, not a race. I guess that makes me guilty of peopleism.

John Hansen