We were fishing in the Panama Canal when we heard Noriega on the radio ranting and raving in English, and he shouted in plain English “I declare war on the United States”.


That never made the news.

We asked some Panamanians who were with us if this was his usual language. Their reply was not really shock, but just that this was a bit more over the top than usual. Security on the base was beefed up, but my father-in-law was attacked by some of Noriega’s thugs right in his front yard.

A week after we left, a few of the American teachers we met were caught up in the shooting when Bush responded to this declaration of war. As usual, there was far more collateral damage than the jewsnews reported. Had we not heard this declaration of war firsthand, we would have never known why the shooting began. It’s typical of how the jewsnews reports things, but this time it was the other way around.

So the statement <<< His only crime like Chavez & Fidel is to REFUSE TO OBEY & KISS US ASS >>> is only half true, but only if you know the other side of the story, which is that it was Noriega who started the war.

John Knight

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Good little goose stepping communist supporting Dimmy Dumbshit.


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Big Deal. His only crime like Chavez & Fidel is to REFUSE TO OBEY & KISS US ASS…………….CIA was supporting his drug trafficking………when he refused to obey he was kidnapped & put in a US Federal Prison. Prisoners of WAR are never tried nor put in Federal Prisons or Prisons.POW camp, Yes……………..

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And not to forget one of the most lowdown.cheap, third-class, Undiplomatic, anti-International Law acts…………in history…..the undignified kidnapping of a Foreign Head of State by International thug & Bully…………the US…………of NOREIGA{Noreiga made millions selling drugs. The US should have hung the low life bastard}…………and putting him in prison. Nobody ever done such a lowdown opposed to international decency & Diplomacy; conduct/act ever……………..

Manuel Antonio Noriega Moreno[1] (born February 11, 1934)[2] is a former general and the military dictator of Panama from 1983 to 1989.[3]

The 1989 invasion of Panama by the United States removed him from power; he was captured, detained as a prisoner of war, and flown to the U.S. Noriega was tried on eight counts of drug trafficking, racketeering, and money laundering in April 1992. Noriega’s US prison sentence ended in September 2007;[4] pending the outcome of extradition requests by both Panama and France, he remains in prison as of 2010.