New York Gay Marriage Law Presents New Challenges To Local LGBT Advocates

“Oh God, here we go. Another self righteous foaming jew slamming Catholic Church. Catholics, I am with you on this one. “

It’s not just gay marriage on which the mostly Catholic states are on the wrong side of God’s Law, relative to mostly Protestant states. It’s a whole array of social pathologie­s, including divorce (the mostly Catholic states even have higher divorce rates than the mostly Protestant states).

Also, even though the Catholic Church CLAIMS to oppose abortion, the mostly Catholic states (like New York) have abortion rates 6-10 TIMES higher than mostly Protestant states like South Dakota (43.3 vs 5.7 abortions per 1,000 women between 15 to 44 years old).

They even have much higher murder rates (6 murders per 100,000 population compared to only 0.2 in North Dakota).

This sure does not seem to be very smart on their part, wouldn’t you say?

It makes you wonder about their standardiz­ed test scores, eh?
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2 Replies to “New York Gay Marriage Law Presents New Challenges To Local LGBT Advocates”

  1. Writers of this website are just racist and unintelligent people who think that their voice should be heard. Go get a life. You all seem just like Warren Jeffs to me. Stop molesting children and maybe you all can get your heads out of you asses. How about we exile all you hateful people who think you are speaking for God. You think that other cultures are inferior to the white man. You are stating that these other cultures….other people who are not white, but created by God, are less of a person than you. Really?!?! Aren’t ALL men created in God’s image?????? You are basically saying that the people that God created are mistakes. Now if I can remember correctly God is perfect. He doesn’t make mistakes. For you to say that he is is by far the most rediculous thing i’ve ever heard of. You should be ashamed for calling yourselves christians. please please please grow up or get the FUCK out of america.

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