The simple facts

In 2003, three African nations, Botswana, South Africa, and Ghana, participated in TIMSS physics.  The average score for the 5,150 students in Botswana who took the test was 366, of whom 7 scored higher than three standard deviations higher than their mean or 581, and none of whom scored 604, the AVERAGE for Singapore.  This makes the liberal presumption that IQ’s in Africa follow the typical Gaussian Distribution that our IQ’s follow, which is the most optimistic assumption we can make about Black African intellect.  It also ignores that many of the test takers in all three of these African nations are WHITES whose brethren back in Europe (e.g., the Dutch in South Africa) have some of the highest test scores in the world.  The average score for the 8,952 students in South Africa who took the test was 263, twelve of whom scored higher than three standard deviations higher than their mean or 585, and none of whom scored over 604.  So also in Ghana, where the average score for their 5,100 students was 275, seven of whom scored higher than three standard deviations higher than their mean or 549, and none of whom scored over 589, the AVERAGE for Korea, whose IQ Professor Lynn estimates to be an average of 106.

Since the average score for the 6,018 students in Singapore was 604 and their standard deviation was 80, only eight of their students scored lower than 364 [the AVERAGE for Botswana], and none of whom scored lower than 284 [the AVERAGE for Ghana].  At best we can say that eight students in Singapore MAY have scored lower than SEVERAL of the thirteen highest scoring students in South Africa and SEVERAL of the seven highest scoring students in Ghana.  We can also safely assume that 8 students in Singapore would have scored three standard deviations higher than their mean or 844 had the test allowed them to score higher than 800.

So out of 19,202 African students, less than 19 or 0.1% of them scored higher than 581, and NONE of them scored as high as the AVERAGE of 604 for Singapore whose average IQ Professor Lynn estimates to be 100.

It simply boggles the imagination for us to be expected to believe that Obama was the ONE Kenyan in the entire world who scored not just one but TWO standard deviations higher than a place where NO Ghanan, Botswanan, nor South African ever ventured.  To claim that his IQ is 132 IQ points, yet another standard deviation higher than the impossible, is the height of absurdity.  It would make Obama more valuable as a Wringly Brothers’ Circus freak than a six legged elephant.  Yet that’s exactly the claim that his presidential campaign made, and you should be embarrassed to the hilt to see so many of your fellow countrymen fall for this vicious circus act.

TIMSS Math 1 SD 2 SD 3 SD 4 SD 5 SD
South Africa Scores 264 371 478 585 692 799
# of students 8,952 1,421 203 12 0 0
Ghana Scores 276 367 458 549 640 731
# of students 5,100 809 116 7 0 0
Botswana Scores 366 438 510 581 653 725
# of students 5,150 814 117 7 0 0
Singapore Scores 604 684 764 844 924 1004
# of students 6,018 955 136 8 0 0

Average IQ of Kenya is Only 71

The average IQ of Kenya is 71 IQ points, the same as for Ghana, and 1 point lower than both Botswana’s and South Africa’s of 72 IQ points.  So even though Kenya did not participate in TIMSS, there’s no reason to expect that they would have performed any better than South Africa or Ghana, and plenty of evidence that they would have scored even lower.  The most liberal estimate for the intellectual skills of Black Kenyans would be that they follow the same Gaussian Distribution as that of White Americans, AND that the standard deviations reported by TIMSS are representative of that for all Blacks, NEITHER of which is the case.  We should note that the standard deviations for non-multicultural societies like Sweden, Slovenia, Netherlands, Estonia, Morocco, and Lebanon are close to 70 (or lower), whereas those for multicultural societies like Taipei, Ghana, Indonesia, Palestine, Romania, and South Africa are closer to 90 (or higher).

No Quadroon Geniuses in South Africa

If there’s any place on Earth where we’d expect mixed breeds (“Coloreds”, “Quadroons”, “Mulatos”, “Mestizos”, or whatever other name you’d like to apply to the offspring of Whites who marry Blacks) to illustrate an IQ higher than that of their lowest IQ parent, it’s not Kenya, it’s South Africa where 15% of the population are “coloreds” and the majority of the 4.3 million Whites (9.1% of the population) are from the Netherlands who have consistently scored higher than us on all the international tests.  In 8th grade TIMSS, the Netherlands scored 35 points higher than us, but by the 12th grade they scored 560 or 99 points higher, and in PISA they scored 531 (almost as high as South Korea) which was 57 points higher than us.

South Africa’s score of 264 and standard deviation of 107 is a composite of three different races, each of which undoubtedly had a standard deviation of 70 or less.  The 9.1% who are Whites most likely scored in the range of their brethren in the Netherlands, or 536 who had a standard deviation of 69.  At BEST, the 15% who are Coloreds scored an average of their Black and White ancestors, and Blacks there managed to score low enough to reduce South Africa’s score to the lowest of any of these international tests:

(9.1% x 536) + 15% x (536 + X)/2 + (75.9% x X) = 264

48.776 + (80.4 + .15X)/2 + .759X = 264

97.552 + 80.4 + .15X + 1.518X = 528

1.668X = 350.048

X = 210

(536 + 210) / 2 = 373

TIMSS Math 1 SD 2 SD 3 SD 4 SD 5 SD
South Africa Whites 536 605 674 743 812 881
South Africa Coloreds 373 443 513 583 653 723
South Africa Blacks 210 280 350 420 490 560

Less than 0.00003% of any population scores higher than five standard deviations higher than their mean, which for Blacks in South Africa is a score of 560.  IF all 800 million Blacks on the entire Continent of Africa follow the typical Gaussian Distribution, the MOST optimistic assessment of their academic performance, then less than 240 of them scored as high as 560.  Out of 38 million Kenyans, less than 12 would be expected to score higher than 5 standard deviations higher than their mean, which would have been even lower than 560 had Kenya taken this test.  Obama’s not even a pure Kenyan.  He’s a mixed breed and most mixed breeds of most species are of lower quality and intelligence than the pure breeds (otherwise why don’t mules race in horse races)?  Believing that Obama has an IQ of 127 is worse than believing that a mule will finally win the Preakness!

By what process did Obama achieve something that NO African of either race has ever achieved, an IQ between 127 and 132 IQ points as his ads claimed?  Where could his White mother possibly have come from to produce such an offspring?  Even worse, if she’s a Russian jew or an Israeli as the rumors indicate, then she’s from a race which scores even lower than Whites, and much lower than Whites from the Netherlands.  Israel (where the vast majority of the population of her race are) scored only 442 in PISA Math, a whopping 107 points lower than Hong Kong and only 36 points higher than Mexico whose average IQ is only 87.  Even IF we would expect Obama’s IQ to be an average of the IQ’s of his Black father and jewish mother, the very BEST we could expect using this logic is that his IQ is only 82, not 127 nor 133.

Affirmative Action is [email protected]

California voters consider affirmative action to be CHEATING, which is why we outlawed it with Proposition 209 which actually amended the state constitution for the express purpose of KILLING it.  Obama is clearly left over from those days of invidious systemic racist discrimination and doesn’t deserve the time of day from this putative Christian nation, much less any right to rule it.

Why not simply require him to take the normal IQ test which any dog catcher in your county has to take in order to qualify for his job?

You can bet that this would settle the matter once and for all.


7% of the population of Botswana are Whites who score similar to their brethren back in England at 545, meaning that the 93% who’re blacks scored 358.  Only seven black students from Botswana scored over 456 and none of them scored over 514.  Therefore, none of the lowest scoring eight students in Singapore who scored lower than 462 are likely to have scored lower than the seven top scoring black students from Botswana, meaning there was no overlap of test scores between Singapore and Botswana.

And THAT is even further proof that Obama LIED when he said his IQ was 132.  Many things he said of questionable veracity might be considered just matters of opinion, but THIS is a PROVABLE lie.  Even if all of his other questionable claims are 100% true, that does not absolve him of this KNOWN LIE.  Why LIE about this when it’s so easy to PROVE to be a lie?  He was too busy lying to stop and figure out when to stop lying?  He got away with so many other lies that what could possibly be wrong with one more white lie?  He thought the American public was so badly dumbed down that we’d never catch him in yet one more lie?  He did it just to thumb his huge Negroid nose at us honkies?


We should add that for anyone in Ghana to score 676, an IQ of about 110 IQ points, he would have to score seven standard deviations (7 S.D.) higher than the average score for Ghana of 239, which is a mathematical impossibility.  This is a range where only 137 students from Singapore and 12 students from the US scored.

Many specious statements Obama made might be considered by some to be just “matters of opinion”.  But this is a CERTIFIABLE LIE, and can easily be proven to be.

No Black Geniuses on Graduate Record Exam for Four Decades

Blacks are the only race where women scored higher than men in GRE, yet the highest scoring 25 black women scored only 654 in GRE Verbal in 1997, hardly genius category.  And most if not all of these 25 women were most likely Whites pretending to be Blacks in order to benefit from affirmative action.