There’s a great heraldry museum in Dublin which shows all the standards and heralds of the 14 Tribes. I have pictures of all of them. If anyone would like them, let me know.

The “lion of Judah” is prevalent, as this was the standard for Judah, just as the serpent was the standard for Dan. I would be that more than half the heralds have the lion of Judah on them.

Lions are not indigenous to Ireland, or the British Isles. WHERE did it come from? The same place David’s Harp came from, which is (was) on all the Irish money?

Just because Jesus was called “the lion of Judah” doesn’t require Him to have been of the House or Tribe of Judah.

The point about “until Shiloh comes” has the necessary corollary which is that AFTER Shiloh comes, then the sceptre necessarily must depart from the lion of Judah.

Shiloh came and went millennia ago, so that prophecy has already been fulfilled.

Jdg 18:31 And they set them up Micah’s graven image, which he made, all the time that the house of God was in Shiloh.


John Knight

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Clifton — I am sure that you are well aware of the current controversy about Shiloh, Lion, Lamb, Gen 49, Rev 5:5 etc. You have done a Teaching letter in or about 2002 concerning the Judah/Joseph Scepter controversy. You call it the Joseph Scepter heresy if I remember. I suggest that it would be appropriate for you to review and update this matter especially considering that Gen 49 applies only to the LAST Days. See Gen 49:1. It would be interesting to see your viewpoint of what or who the Scepter is. Remember that only Judah and not the whole House of Israel presently holds the scepter. We are on the verge of the New World Order and I believe that all CI should know exactly who/what the Scepter is and who the Judah of Gen 49:10 is. If you believe that the Shiloh mentioned in Gen 49:10 is the same Shiloh referred to in Rev 5:5, although the phrase Lion of Juda is mentioned, then please tell me why the change? I have done a bible search and can find no where where Yahshuha is characterised as a Lion. He is always characterized as a lamb.

russell walker