Welshish, first you say:
“Oh no. THIS again? You are not pretending that non-public schools are on an equal footing with each other and can be compared in that simplistic fashion are you? Your own education is now in doubt.”

And now you say:

“YEAH! Because nonpublic schools can remove students who do not have supportive homes, by contract. And that element is the thing that makes the most difference for student achievemen­­t. Which is one of the things that does not allow for simple comparison­­s. Which is exactly what I was referring to.”

Do you see the contradict­ion here? Do you feel strongly both ways?

Either nonpublic schools ARE much better schools than public schools, for the reasons you dutifully describe above, plus many other more imnportant reasons, OR my “own education is now in doubt”?

Which is it?
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