<<<For Christ´s sake! I am not defending a bunch of vile shmuels; I am merely putting things into perspective. Ger>>>


This whole argument about how sodomites are somehow better than pedophiles shows just how low on the moral totem pole they can get!

In THIS neck of the woods, a pedophile who abuses someone of the OPPOSITE sex gets a 90 day jail sentence, but a FAGGOT gets a LIFE SENTENCE, plus 108 years, which is [for a faggot], MUCH, MUCH worse than a DEATH sentence.

This is about like saying “oh, I’m not a mass murderer, I’m only a serial killer, and everyone knows how BAD mass murderers are”.


And no, bedunks, don’t take this to mean that PRIESTS who abuse little girls should only get 90 days, because they BETRAYED GOD when they used their position of power and authority like that. STILL, those “priests” who were sexually attracted to those of the SAME sex don’t even deserve honorable mention–just STONED to death in the street.

No wonder it’s always these filthy sodomite edomite kikes pretending to be “jews” who always demand “equality”–they want ALL of the benefits of civilized society with NONE of the responsibilities.

This is called LICENSE, not “gay rights”. It is a CRIMINAL activity, plus a MORTAL sin, not a snivel right.

IF they really want to just pork each other in the privacy of their OWN dark corners, then WHY ON EARTH would they SO VERY PUBLICLY demand that society *recoznize* them by pretending that God joined them together in a PUBLIC MARRIAGE which has ZERO meaning, NO social benefit, and shortens their life expectancy TWO DECADES?



John Knight