I never thought I’d see the day when How Now Brown Clown would ask a serious question or raise a serious point, but this is exactly what the following is:

<<< I am asking you the 3rd time Russ why was judah in capativity if they were a mixed race and done away with ???

Give me chapter and verse for your answer.do not use the mss Jew bible >>>

The answer of course is that if the House of Judah WAS a mixed race of mamzers, they would never have been taken captive, and Shalmanezer would never have bothered to bring in 5 other races to displace them and occupy their former land (including the race which ultimately called itself “jews”, who to this day celebrate Purim at Esther’s and Mordecais’ mausoleum in Hamadan, Iran).

What Don has presented to you, Russ, is PROOF that Judah was NOT a mixed race of mamzers.


John Knight

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